Application of Microdot Technology?

In this course you will learn how to perform microdot fitments using the Recoveri Microdot technology accoriding to and in the terms of the Recoveri International Standard and SANS 534-1 South African National Standard for whole of vehicle marking.

1. Course Introduction?

Introduction to the Aftermarket Core Module
Course Introduction

This Aftermarket Core Module is tailored for those who intend to set up an Aftermarket Fitment Center for micro dotting Vehicles. Microdotting at the Aftermarket Level, as opposed to OEM, is completed only once the Vehicle has left the manufacturer control and registered to its new legal owner.

Typical Aftermarket Centers are Tire, Battery, and Microdot Fitment Centers set up expressly for micro dotting. 

The Fitment Centre will service owner requested micro dotting or Police Clearance vehicles. 

In South Africa, microdots must be fitted to a vehicle before police clearance can be obtained and a clearance certificate issued.

This module spells out what is required to set up a Fitment Center and the Procedure to follow in Pre-Inspecting a vehicle—finally, Fitting a vehicle with Recoveri Microdots. 

Fitment technician and Centre administrators will become proficient in the microdot Fitment and database capturing process. As a result, you will be fully accredited to perform New Fitments and verifications of the Recoveri microdot system.