Application of Microdot Technology?

In this course you will learn how to perform microdot fitments using the Recoveri Microdot technology accoriding to and in the terms of the Recoveri International Standard and SANS 534-1 South African National Standard for whole of vehicle marking.

1. Course Introduction?

Introduction to the Aftermarket Core Module
Microdot Pre-inspection and Fitment Procedure

Pre Fitment Inspection AFM

1. The Fitment Centre must physically check if microdots have been previously fitted onto the

vehicle before fitting other microdots. If dots are found by scanning with a UV light, but do not

cover all compulsory areas as per SANS534 then the vehicle may be re-microdotted. The

person presenting the vehicle must decide on whether or not to continue with the fitment.

2. If there has been an engine change it is not compulsory to re-apply dots to the replaced part if

the vehicle has been previously micro-dotted. If it has not been dotted then the new SAP VIN

obtained from a VIS center as well as the new engine number must be captured on the job


No pre-inspection for OEM MID Fitments (New Vehicles)