Microdot Investigative Training

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It is recommended that all Law Enforcement officials and Insurance investigators complete the training course to become proficient in the technique of using microdot technology as an investigative tool.

Topics for this course

1 Lessons

Course Overview and Introduction?

The instructor gives an overview of the coarse material and the expected outcome of the training on completion

Introduction to a Microdot?

An introduction to microdot technology and how they became a forensic "Crime Fighter"

Types of Asset Marking (VIN and NON-VIN)?

Asset categories and marking is explained

Legislation and History of Microdotting?

A South African example

Application – Whole of Vehicle Marking?

Components market on vehicles

Detection of Microdots on VIN and NON-VIN Assets?

How to identify microdots on marked assets

Querying & Validating Microdot Information?

What to do with the microdot information once the PIN is read

Cloned vehicle case study?

A practical example of how microdot effectively establishes origin VIN of a cloned vehicle

Types of NON-VIN Assets and Application?

Domestic and Corporate asset marking

Interrogating Microdot Data?

Contact details of the relevant parties